9 Apr 2007

Short & Sweet

I am back from my short but very sweet 9 day holiday in Melbourne, Australia. Glad to be back,for sure. Blurry eyed and sleep deprived, I went to work today. So u will understand that that this post will be a short one.

In short, it was fantastic. From catching up with family and friends to shopping and sangria drinking and of course, seeing John Mayer perform live - indescribable! He was as charismatic as I expected him to be; he had a good connection with the audience and, in turn we loved him...I am happy to have found some good bargains and I also took a few pictures of my favourite moments in Melbourne.

By the Yarra River with Southgate in the background.

Another one by Yarra River with the bridge at the background.

Melbourne city from the Melbourne Central-Myers connecting brigde.

Flinders Street: a tram ride view.

Pretty tulips at the Melbourne International Garden Show.

Interesting Man+Woman-with-flower bodies at the Garden Show.

This is what I saw from my seat while waiting for John Mayer to grace the stage.

See the guy in the middle in white? That's John Mayer!

I missed taking a photo of another favourite place of mine - Degraves Street, where cafes' come alive and people come together to eat, drink and be merry. Next time maybe...



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Nicholas said...

Aww.. sweet... I miss Melbourne...

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