20 Apr 2007

Back again!

As per the usual Anu fashion, I was back to being normal in 24 hours. Loneliness? Yes that pot is still around, but the lid is sealed tightly now. Love - What more can I ask for? I’ve got unlimited love from family and friends. I’m working on my health. I’ve got a job I like and am working on another that I love. Pretty lucky, I know.

People eh? Always wanting more than they have. That’s the way the story goes. I think if I am able to appreciate the things I do have and work for the things I don’t have, well, then life, has some meaning to it. And that is what I will do.



sri said...
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sri said...

anu... i like the part where u describe - work on the things that we don't have [ especially on the things that we definitely would like to have - i add that part :) ] - sri

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