3 Apr 2007

Autumn In Melbourne

From the moment I touched down in Melbourne, I felt excitement fluttering inside.The friendly Immigration Officer at the counter asked me if I was coming home. I said sort of - that I had 2 homes. She nodded and said everyone has that nowadays. It's true, for me, Melbourne is my second home. I feel comfortable with it, I know what to do, where to go, how to get there. And yet, as I sat in the car with cousin,looking at the panaroma speeding past me, I also felt the familiar sense of loneliness; my closest companion over the past two years. For a moment, I felt like going back; but I reminded myself that I am here for a reason, and that I'm gonna put this silly feelings away and enjoy.

I spent Saturday resting and on Sunday, I went to the Melbourne International Flower Show with my cousin and her fiancee. It was an interesting event, flowers arranged never looked so unique nor beautiful ever. And yes I have the photos to prove it; I just need some time to upload them. After a long day at the show, we were heading back to the car when my cousin decided to pose for a photograph. As I watched her, I suddenly heard a voice on my left asking a question "So who's the sophisticated girl?" I looked up and saw that the voice belonged to my friend R. (My friend R here does not like to be mentioned on the net). We spoke for a few minutes. For a moment,I felt like I was transported back to when I was 24, when I used to date him and I had this immense crush on him. My cousin said that I looked shy, and I was a little. I guess that once u have feelings for a guy and after all the hurt u went through is gone, in its place is a soft spot reserved for him in the corner of ur heart.

And now, on to my quest for the week - shopping, catching up with friends and enjoying Melbourne's beauty. Oh did I forget to mention John Mayer's concert on Saturday?


P/S - I just passed by an Indian restaurant on the way to the cafe. I think if I were to go in, they may ask me to leave - as the last time I was there, I had a little "incident" there. The perils of too much red wine! *LOL* And no, I am not going to have my lunch there!

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foreverinteresting said...

R!!! sounds like someone i know :p
Anyway I'm glad u r having fun. I can't believe i was suppose to follow u for this trip and now u end up being there while me in KL!!!

MISs u la women!! COME BACK FAST!!!!!

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