27 Apr 2007

Where art thou, oh Internet?

It's official! I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of Internet activity. Symptoms include sudden burts of boredom, bouts of irritation. Food doesn't taste half as good. Reading has taken a second stand, now I have to read rather than want to read. And there's the impending doom that I feel when I wonder if I will ever use the Internet at home again...

Why art thou so bad Streamyx? Why do u like to torture me so? Do u get any pleasure by depriving me of my chance to seek knowlege and be entertained from the infinity of websites available these days?


The positives are it's Friday. (Woo hoo!) I'm gonna be having a busy day tomorrow, so that will be fun I am sure. (Another Woo hoo) It's the end of the month and subsequently that means there's money in the bank. (Big Woo hoo).

Come back to me, Internet!


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