27 Aug 2011


Instead of writing about my India trip (don't hate me Smeeta!), I have decided to make an announcement instead. Two announcements goes!

1. I resigned from my position as Writer at The Malay Mail last week. My last day is on September 12.

2. I will be leaving for Spain enroute London on October 12 and will be back in Malaysia on November 19. I will be in Sevilla for 3 weeks studying Spanish and making a few detours to a few cities after that.

And no, I haven't gotten another job just yet.

Am I crazy? Possibly. But from the bottom of my heart I know that this is something I need to do right now. For the past 3 years I've been eating, breathing, sleeping work and I think it's time for me to step back and do something different. I am also confident that I will be able to get a job soon.

Why learn Spanish? Only my family and close friends know that I've studied the language before, first in Melbourne and then in KL. I also passed the first level (A1) test while studying at Help College. So this is not entirely new for me, although making my dream come true is something new. I've been wanting, aching even to go to Spain for a few years now...and it's coming true.

And yes, I'm doing this on my own...Scary and exciting all at the same time.

Anyways, so that's the deal. Wish me luck! :)
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23 Aug 2011

DiGi Dear Malaysians: Official Video

Touching and realistic, we all have something to be sorry about...

I'm sorry I've never helped the blind cross the busy KL streets. I've always wanted to, but am just too shy to make the move. I must try harder.

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21 Aug 2011

I did it again!

Once again I'm a little slow on blogging about my recent Indian trip. Bah! So many things to do, so little time to do it - is my excuese.

For those (i .e.) Smeeta who is probably waiting for me to update the blog, I guess I will have to keep you in suspense for a little longer. :P

But I promise more exciting news in my next post.

Until then.....

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