3 Dec 2009

Shameless Gloating...

Sometimes I can't help but love my job.
That's not to say there is nothing bad about the job. It doesn't pay very well, just enough for me to get by. The hours can be long. Sometimes I have to work on my off days. It requires lots and lots of energy. But somehow the experiences make for all that. The experiences are the perks.

This weekend's trip to KK is an example of a perk. Not only do I get to stay in a 5 star resort, but I will also get a chance to go on a helicopter ride and check out the orangutans at the sanctuary. How cool is that? Of course I'll have to be writing about the experience, but I am not complaining. What's there to complain since I'll be doing what I love best - writing?

Sometimes I just can't help but love my job.


sabrina said...

Are you gonna be staying at Shangrila babes? That was actually the best part of the trp for us....the hotel is just AWESOMENESS!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so very happy for you! You are my favorite writer.

Suresh Nair

Simple Cathy said...

enough of gloating and please write about your trip :)

hehehehe look who's talking huh :p

Asha Letha said...

Hi! I stumbled upon your blog. Nice post. We've got to love what we do. That makes a whole difference. Enjoy your holidays!
(Livin Lavida Loca)

Anu said...

Saby -I stayed at ShangriLa. It was awesome!!

Suresh- Oh u are too kind!:)

Cat- I know, I know...I will blog about it soon!

Asha-thanks for dropping by. Loving my work, I am! :)

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