22 Dec 2009

All I wanted for Christmas (Updated on 26/12)

is an iPod nano! but what I ended up getting is:

which isn't too bad cos' I do need help being more organised at work!


Dash said...

i just got one for myself yesterday!ver. very very cool gaget thingy. you will not regret it!

sabrina said...

Oooh hope u get one babe...just bought one for my bro

Merry Xmas!

Anu said...

Dash - That's cool. What colour did you get? I'm still torn between the colours!

Saby - I think I'll have to buy it for myself! But it's ok, as long as I have it! :)

Dash said...

i finally bought the red anu, just because some parts of the profit is donated to charity! i couldnt decide too!

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