13 Jul 2009

Seeking solace

Sometimes I get emo. Like when I was writing the previous post. So so emo.

But I am not always like that. I know that I need to keep my options open, that I should meet more people, get to know them and who knows, connections may be established, sparks may just fly.

And when times get tough, when loneliness creeps in, I just have to remember the people around me who love me. My friends who make me laugh. I shall remember that finally, I am what I've always wanted to be - a writer. And I shall find solace in all that is true and colourful in my life.

I shall try.


aravind said...

During moments of solitude, your best companion would be books, Anu. They not only whisk you away from the realities of the moment, they also help conciliate your spirit during such idle moments. Try it.

sabrina said...

Hope u feel better soon dear....was so good meeting you the other nite :p

p/s : love the new blog aways seem to find the prettiest, dreamiest looks :)

Praveen R. said...

hey girl - wassup?

visithra said...

look at all the awesome things in life - then look at the ones that arent - im sure the good ones blanace everything else out ;)

yo babe - we keep bumping into each otherla ;) hope you enjoyed the show yesterday ;)

Anu said...

I shall certainly go back to books next time I feel the blues. :)

Hey Saby, Praveen and Visitra! It was good meeting up with u the other nite. I'm gonna stalk your blogs as well. LOL.

And yes, it was a great show last nite. I loved your dance Visitra, awesome stuff!

visithra said...

glad you enjoyed it ;) it was nice seeing u again but was too pooped to talk ;p - we shall meetup again soon ok ;p

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