16 Dec 2006

Pain throws your heart to the ground, Love turns the whole thing around.

It is Saturday and I should be happy. And I am, in a way. But there's a feeling in my heart that's difficult to describe. There's a little loneliness, a tinge of incompletability (yes I know I made up the word but I like it!) and a few drops of hope. Not the best mood to be in on a Saturday really. When thinking about it, this feeling came about last nite, after talking to my friend G. See, the thing is, we get along well, but come from very different backgrounds. And thus have a very good non-relationship together. We always have fun when we go out. He's the one person I can talk to without needing to censor my thoughts.

Anyways, we had a chat yesterday and he told me that there is this issue with an old girl friend of his. Marriage could very well be on the cards, if an issue is resolved. I would be happy for him if things work out for him of course, but I'd be a little sad for me. When that happens I will no longer be able to rely on him to be the 'guy' in my life. I will have to be more social, go out, meet people, mingle. Sounds tiring already! Haha! But I do have to do it if I want to increase my chances of meeting an interesting guy out there. After all, there is no way I will be meeting anyone interesting if I stay at home right? So that's what I shall be doing after the new year begins. Mingle and meet! So why should this irritate me?


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BawangMerah said...

People come and go. But close friends, those are hard to find.

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