26 Dec 2006

Of cooking and the quest for perfection!

Work was almost intolerable today, what with the 3 day Christmas break we had. I could barely muster the energy (and enthusiasm) to open a book what more stamp and put security strips! But like all days, I survived. I went back home armed with an assignment from mother dear; to start the process of cooking. So there I was cutting and frying onions while the eggs bubbled on the stove, and in between I peeled the potatoes and cut them into cubes and put in the microwave. And then in between all this, I had the sneaking suspision that the onions were too brown (and oily).

Of course when mother came back, she said, u've done everything wrong! Somehow I suspected something like that would happen. Oh, how I hate it when my instincts are right sometimes! So all my hard work went down the drain, in the end. This is how it has almost always been with cooking. With mother in the background, everything needs to be done perfectly and according to her recipe. This quest for perfection has not instilled the love for cooking as she wants. In fact it has instilled a sense of tension when cooking; it must always, always be perfect. I must admit, for years I didn't I didn't even like cooking. But it was when I was living alone in Melbourne that I realised that I actually do like cooking. I also enjoy experimenting, adding soy sauce and thai chili sauce etc, and loving the end result. Oh, incidently I can make a pretty mean chicken curry u know! *LOL*

Anyways, enough ranting for now. Shall blog laterz.



BawangMerah said...

I tried cooking. But I always forget something, usually the salt :P

foreverinteresting said...

i make the best cook only when my mother is not around heheheh

Anu said...

Bawang Merah: I tend to not put enough salt! Salt is always a tough call to make! :)

Forever: Same here, I cooked on New Year's eve when she was in Malacca for a party. Haha!

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