22 Dec 2006

Yeah,yeah holiday!

Had a fantastic day at work today. The holiday spirit hung in the air and with no supervisors or kids around, it was a fairly easy going day. And yes I did get some work done. SOME. ;) I got a call from my friend while working and when I told her I was stamping books and attaching security tabs, she asked me if I like that sorta thing. I told her it was not my sorta thing, but so much better than running around arrogent sales assistants trying to get their damn queries resolved - that's for sure! The fact is, I love being surrounded by books. It gives me a calm feeling. While I don't enjoy shelving hundreds of books a day, I like the fact that I can help people find what they want. That feeling is priceless! Still, I am looking forward to the 3 day break...

Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy the holidays!


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