21 Dec 2006

This cloud shall pass

Work was good today. Not that I did much work though. It was on from 8-11am, then it was time for the company lunch. It was my first 'real' company lunch. 'Real' as in we were out of the office, at an expensive restaurant (in this case at a hotel, Armada Hotel) and having buffet. The buffet I think was wasted on me, as I didn't have that much. I had 2 helpings of fruit though. The dessert was yummy, bread pudding...mmm. Some people really ate their share of the RM28 per head buffet, doing their prilgrimage around their 'Mecca' many times. Hey, I am not complaining. It made me look like a small eater! Hah! Then we ended up getting back to the office at 2.30 and worked till 5, trying not to fall asleep on the job. Yup, the keyword is trying! All in all, it was a good outing and I had a good time talking to some of my colleagues. I even saw some new faces...

I am in this 'mood' today, it goes from alrite to irritated to sad to irritated to alrite again. It can only mean one thing, and I think u know what I mean... It's when emotions start spireling, when feelings are king and when everything is just so damn irritating. Hah! It makes u think about things u don't usually think about, u usually don't WANT to think about. For me, it's almost always about being alone, loneliness. I am quite certain that it is just a phase, like a passing cloud that once pours rain, moves on. As the saying goes..."this too, shall pass."

TGIF tomorrow and holidays around the corner...that should lift any cloud up! Happy Holidays!


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