14 Dec 2006

TGIF tomorrow!

So the countdown is on for John Mayer's concert in Melbourne on April 07 2007! I am in the midst of planning for the trip. When to take leave, how long, how much money must I save etc. Lots of planning to do. I do hope I will be able to get leave then or else all my plans will go down the drain. *Keeping fingers crossed!* My friends Cat n Laz are planning to go to, which should put a twist on the entire trip. It will be interesting, that's for sure! Hmm...thinking about all the places I gotta go, the KK shop, Max Brenner, Hungry Jacks (why am I thinking of eating places - grrrr!). Oh and I'll get to meet my friends again...that will be so nice. Oh and the shopping!! How can I not buy anything right? It's like asking me not to breathe! Haha! Excited-nya! And with the holidays around the corner, I am a happy bee. Well, I shall stop here...shall blog laterz.

Have a good weekend!


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