6 Jan 2007

Forging ahead.

Saturday, January 6, 2007


Look to get out in public; let everyone know just who you are. There are opportunities under the sun over the next few months that work long-term in your favor. Forge ahead.

I like today's horoscope. I certainly plan to get out in public more this year. In fact next week I shall be going on one of my experiments - speed dating. I must admit the thought of having 8 minutes of conversation with 10 strangers is a little unnerving. And yet strangely exciting. Whatever happens, it will be some experience alright!

Actually, I am not doing too bad on the social front. I met up with a colleague of mine after work yesterday. We went to Sentul and had a luvly feast of sizzling taufu & chili chicken. Yummmm! It was really interesting talking to her. An April baby herself, we had a lot of things in common. I will definitely be chilin' with her again soon.

Ok, so it's back to business now that the partying is over. Back to going to the gym, going for walks, eating healthily, writing and planning; making the most of what I have.

To forging ahead! *Cheers*


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