7 Jun 2009

Wide ball mystery

Sometimes life give you a wide ball.
(A cricket term where a pitch that travels too far from the batter for him to have a reasonable chance of hitting it, resulting in the pitcher having to throw the ball again, and a penalty run is scored for the batting team).

Just when u are ready to give up, to erase any proof of being there, done that, life presents u with an offer u can't resist. Someone who reads, someone who's emails are like a breath of fresh air. Someone with quality who wants to be a friend.

Although u never know if that wide ball, that one extra run will result in winning the match. U gotta embrace that one extra run and continue to bat, then bowl, every time, giving it your best shot, a 100 percent.

If the one run results in u winning the match, then woo hoo! If not then, u just gotta think of it as an extra run, full stop. End of story. And that's what I am going to do, go with the flow, enjoy every extra run. :)

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