19 Jun 2009

I did IT!

Just minutes after I blogged yesterday, I was presented an opportunity to be true to myself.

The lady who sits across from me, once again started her complaints about me. That I sit on my stories. That she can't understand why I can't write two stories a day. My blood started to boil. So it doesn't mean shit that I am the only one in the section, who has to write articles from entertainment, health, education, the tv highlights, the around town section, be in charge of the numerology section...

I pointed out that I was working on something that is due next week, which is more important than one that is going to start on the third week on July. Then she went on one of these rants and I just couldn't take it anymore.

I told her if she was not happy with me, to find someone else to help her. She replied she would talk to the new management and transfer me to another section. I said, please do!

Emotional after saying it, I wondered if I had done the right thing. I still have to work with her after that, and I don't like things being difficult at work...but I knew it was the right thing to do when I felt relief, like a huge burden had been lifted.

So yay! Anu did it! :)


sabrina said...


Well done babe. I would tell u to go and get yourself a shot of tequila but since you are now teetotalling, i'll suggest a chocolate brownie sundae from chillis :p

Anonymous said...

Great !!! Finally .

Suresh Nair

Anu said...

Thanks Saby, I shall save that shot of tequilla till I get to Bali!

And yes, finally SN! :)

One Woman's Thoughts said...

Hey. Speaking up an out is good but be prepared to face the consequences now.

U know la that B will be after u now and looking for every mistake and every little details.

So since u've done a brave thing now... just be prepared for what's following. But i know u'll survive because if she every bites u just send her to me or Suresh... we will pacify her!!!!

Anu said...

OWT- Thanks for that alternative, but I think I can handle it. The reason why I didn't say anything earlier is that I realise there will be repercussions and that whatever said, I will still have to deal with her every working day.

So there is no other way but to just bear with the situation and carry on until things change. It's just a matter of time...

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