8 Nov 2009

Busy Bee

It has been a while since I've blogged, it has.

A lot has happened since then. The most significant is that my sister is now married. That I now have a brother-in-law. Despite very minor hicups, all went well. As I didn't do much to help them out with their BIG DAY, I thought it was only fitting that I give them a present - the montage I created (with the help of my cousins) for their reception. (See video below)

As for me, the wedding and reception has confirmed that I for one, am not a 'wedding' person. If I do get married, just a simple civil ceremony is good for me, followed by a party (maybe two). I want it to be as simple as uncomplicated as possible. Now I will just have to hope that I will find that simple, uncomplicated guy. Good luck to me!


Anonymous said...

Great Video Anu.

Suresh Nair

sabrina said...

Oooh i loved th montage!!! Especially the music

p/s : You guys are from klang??????

Anu said...

Thanks guys...glad u liked it.

Saby-my sister was born in Klang but we're from Subang.

P/S-The music is from the song Iktara from the movie Wake Up Sid.

Dash said...

congratulations to the couple on the wedding and well done, Anu. very sweet video. I am sure they will treasure it!

aravind said...

Good one there Anu. U r talented! Great.

Simple Cathy said...

Nice montage.... and i know it would have moved many to emotional tears.... would have also brought back great memories...

Good luck on your journey of finding an uncomplicated man!

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