6 Oct 2009

The question

Why is there one person who can change the course of your day just by a question?
And no matter how much u want to say NO,NO your heart says YES, YES and it somehow escapes from the lips without much warning.
But every minute feels like a blessing and when the time comes to take leave, it is done with a hope that there will be the next meeting....when once again my eyes and heart will feast on you.


sabrina said...

Wow!!!! I know exactly what you mean and how you feel babe. My mind could be screaming NO NO NO, but just one YES from the heart and i'm buggered!!!!

Just Me said...

do i know the who :p heheheh

Anu said...

Saby - isn't it one of the hardest times of your life? LOL.

Just me - Maybe u know who.......who knows? :P

aravind said...

Cupid on target...?

Anu said...

Cupid keeps missing the target more like it

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