25 Sep 2009

Never the same!

After a little over a year of being a writer/journalist for a newspaper, I am starting to get excited about assignments.

Some days the assignments are easy peasy, other days not so. But on many many occasions, I am inspired by the people I meet, many for small little things they do. Sometimes the inspiration happens instantly, like last weekend; when Datuk Bridget Menezes said "the greatest disease of the mind is thinking too much!".

Other times it takes a little time to sink in, like the one when I met Ashley Fruno aka The Lettuce Lady, who was at Pavillion a few weeks back.

Ashley's peaceful campaign to let "Vegetarianism Grow On You" took its time to make an impact on me. Although her fresh, green gown of lettuce was an inspiring fashion statement, the real message, I received a few days later at home enjoying tandoori chicken while watching tv.

Just then I heard a voice in my head go "In every package of chicken, there's a little poop." (Just like it did in the video Chew On This -Reasons To Go Vegetarian).And suddenly tandoori chicken wasn't so yummy anymore.

Thanks Ashley and Peta (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Thanks a lot for ruining tandoori chicken for me.


sabrina said...

Hmmm....the current book you're reading caught my eye :p

How is it? *lecherous wink*

Anu said...

It's not as 'sexy' as it's really about the misadventures of these two women in it's a good read though, just am so slow with reading these days! :P

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