17 Mar 2009


Sometimes things just get complicated. One day u are just happily minding your own business, doing your own thing, and the next, everything changes.

Some people are just idiots, total users. They use other people to get their job done. And in that process make things difficult for others; the ones who are actually doing their jobs.

But unfortunately reality is such that these idiots are the ones who call the shots, who get to be decision makers, to have the last word.

And I, just have to soldier on, and pray that things will get better.


sri said...

i totally undertsand, the kinda people who steals the sunshine away... screw 'em all!! totally!!!

u hang in there k...

Dash said...

hope it all gets better!! good karma always works, so u know ure on the right path!

sabrina said...

My asassin work is still up for offer. Will give u special discount somemore

Anu said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement guys...and Sabby I shall be contacting u soon. :)

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