10 Feb 2009

A Wise Man Today Said:

"Sometimes you got to wait for the right time for things to happen and when it does it will be that much significant. It will all fall in place at the right time for you."

-My Uncle Hari-


Sherena Nair said...

yes, how true - i have experienced this time and time again. and as they always say, good things come to those who wait....and happiness is always sweetest to those who have tasted bitterness...
love your blogs girl! keep writing

cynthia said...

well said!

like the new layout

sri said...


apologies for being elusive... just wanted to be alone for time being and it is difficult for me to share the good things with u right now... but u know i'll always be happy for u.

and thx for all the nice comments in my blog and fb.

will get back to normal... soon - take care.

sabrina said...

After goin thru what i am now, i really do believe this!

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