31 Jan 2009


I am in a relationship. I am. The guy is an interesting one of course, a colourful character; not from the outside maybe, but inside for sure. Of course, it's all very new. We have plenty to learn about each other. I like most of what I know so far. (hey, he's only human) I hope he feels the same way about me (also human, very human).

This time around, I will take it slow, take time to get to know him properly, especially as a good friend. I will be myself and not try to be someone I am not, just to please him. I will share my thoughts and feelings with him. I will take things as it comes; go with the flow. But I totally believe there is potential with him.

Until I come up with a proper nick, for now, I shall call him Yo. Kinda cool don't u think...Yo? :P

U better!


Dash said...


i actually read ur colum every now and then, and i must say i love the simple honesty thats coming thru ur writings.

about this post: im hapy for you, and i think youre on the right track! just enjoy every minute of ur time with yo. dont overthink it.

and YO is a VERY cool nick.:):)

Anucia said...


see,I told you 2009 will only be better for you :)

sabrina said...

So happy for you gal! *hugz*

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