15 Jan 2009


Two weeks into the new year, and boy has my life changed.. The most significant change I'd have to say is that I am no longer working at the News desk at Malay Mail. I'm now the latest addition to the Lifestyle section. No more long, boring meetings. Yay!

Perks of working at the Lifestyle desk:

1. The latest I may have to work is up to 10pm...
2. I get to interview interesting people at interesting locations...
3. I get cool free gifts!

I am really excited about it and am enjoying this 'new' job very much! With the new hours and less stress I plan to continue my exercise routine (that I've been missing for many months now)
and get fit as I learn as much as I can.

To sum it up in one word - Happiness!

1 comment :

sabrina said...

Good for you babe. Now i'm guessing it will be triple happiness? *wink*

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