17 Jun 2007

Pick Me Up - Zoe Rice

Every once in a while, a single girl needs to take time out from the hustle and bustle of city live and just spend some quality time with... a good, witty girly book. And that's exactly what 'Pick Me Up' is all about. A light, funny book about the life and times of Ms. Izy Duncan, a successful director of an art gallary in New York. She lives in a flat with her cat Robbie (yes, his namesake is Robbie Williams)and has 2 best friends she spends her free time with. Her love life however, is less than perfect, as she struggles with her attraction for her new boss Avery and tries hard to understand the moody and mysterious artist Grady. Funny, cute and creative, I couldn't put this book down! Thanks Sri for getting me this book for my birthday!:)


1 comment :

sri said...

it has great characters, the ones you could really get on board with, and ending was lovely.

I loved this book. It's definitely a keeper, that's why i chose the book for u... im glad u liked it.

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