5 Jun 2007

The Mend of the World is Near

Today is World Environment Day. A good day for us to reflect on what we can do to help mend Mother Earth's sufferings. Being a ardent fan of the environment since young, today I re-confirm my pledge to take of Earth better.

Some of the questions you could ask yourself today:

What's the number one thing you are doing to help tackle climate change?
-I don't use plastic bags whenever possible. That includes putting groceries in a environmentally friendly bag.

What one extra thing could you do to help tackle climate change?
-I could cut down on excessive water usage on a daily basis. I will also recycle better from now on.

What's stopping you?
-Me and my thoughtlessness!

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sabrina said...

You know i was thinkin bout how i can contribute today. But then i thought f*** it! What's the point of doin this just for one day if only to go back to the same ol' bullshit the rest of the year. And although i know it's the same argument other thoughtless fools like myself will use, i just find it all pointless la.

We need to see the bigger picture and have bigger plans!

Anu said...

U are absolutely right Sabrina. Any effort to take care of the environment should be a daily affair, not once in a year. The trick is to be aware of what u can do everyday, to help the environment. I try everyday, I may not succeed everyday, but I try. Let's all give it a good try everyday!

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