7 Jun 2007

So damn interesting yet so bloody annoying!

Why are some guys so interesting and yet so damn bloody annoying? That is the question. Life is the usual routine of work,home,internet and then u get introduced to someone who seems to have quite a few things in common with u. U start chatting, the online conversations flow well. U exchange a few laughs. U are confident that u could be friends and look forward to getting to know this person better as time goes by. U even meet up for a cup of coffee and conversation. Things seem to go smoothly.

A couple of weeks after that, things get quiet. U hardly meet online and any attempts of emailing this interesting person remains one sided. Then u start to wonder if u've said something wrong or not said enough.

A while back I'd start psycho-analysing the whole situation, disect the chats or comments into different segments and try to find out what I said that could have an impact of such disasterous proportions. Not anymore. I don't have the time nor the energy, even the slightest inclination to do that anymore. Times have changed...



sabrina said...

You see this is why we women are the superior race...cos we analyze everything to death. Guys think it's a defect but i beg to defer.

Men were made for menial tasks, which is why they usually have their heads so far up their asses they forget to call the unique women (read : you) that they met; while we women were created to rule the world!


Anu said...

Ur sooooo right Sabrina - We rule!

Anucia said...

anucia: Me agrees with Saby!
*fists chest with approval

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