3 Jun 2007

Review: The Namesake

The Namesake was an interesting movie. It revolves around the Ganguli family, particularly the son Gogol who in his quest to be American, puts his own culture and family in the backseat. He changes his name to Nikhil, and persues his own life as an architect in New York, hardly ever thinking about his family in his daily routine.On one of his rare visits to his parents home, his father tells him of how he got the name Gogol. His father Ashok was on a train reading the book 'The Overcoat' by Nokolai Gogol when the train derailed. Gogol was the reminder of the days after that incident. When his father dies suddenly Gogol found his family, his culture and most importantly himself. After a year of marriage he discovers his wife was having an affair. Gogol decides to listen to his late father and decides to travel, which enables him to finally be free.

All in all it was a good movie, although I prefer Monsoon Wedding for sure!


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