4 Mar 2007


So I found out yesterday that I lost 3kgs. *Happiness* This really motivates me to lose more weight. Earlier on I tried this salwar kameez top and it fits much better now. I am happy! And I am back in good terms with the friend I disappointed last week. In fact, I just came back after meeting him. We are friends again, as per normal. Happy again! And to top it, the prospect of a holiday around the corner excites me immensely. *Keeping fingers crossed* Here's hoping for a fantastic week ahead!



Anonymous said...

hey! I just found your blog via Sri's. . . well done on the weight-loss- that's fabulous!! and that just inspired me to go to the gym today cos I'me PUT ON 3 kgs instead :(

Also, congrats on the confirmation!


sri said...

hey u... way to go!

Anu said...

Hey thanks for the encouragement sri & mm! Really appreciate it. :)
Let's inspire each other!

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