15 Mar 2007

Review: The Undomesticated Goddess

I am lucky that I work in a library. I get access to hundreds of books. I can 'chop' any book that I want, return them whenever I want and basically I am the queen of my castle.

So last week I read 'The Undomesticated Goddess.' I've always liked Sophie Kinsella. She always cracks me up with her other books, especially the Shopaholic series. If u want to be entertained and read something light, this is the one for u!

The main character of the book is Samantha, a hot shot lawyer in London who has an eye for the prize - patner at her prestigous law firm. She works all hours, has no life outside work and it all seems worth it, she hears the rumour that she is about to become a partner. Then she makes a mistake, a mistake so huge it wrecked her career.

Not knowing what to do, she walks out of the office, on to the train and finds herself in the middle of the country. She knocks on a house door for directions only to be mistaken for housekeeper in search of a job. After getting the job, Samantha finds herself in sticky situations - she battles with the washing machine, ironing board and cooks a cordon bleu dinner too! Gradually, she falls in love with her new job and life and finds companionship in the gardener, Nath.

Will her employers ever discover the truth? Yes! It all comes out when her high profile firm decides her mistake was just a mistake and takes her back in. Will she go back to her life? Or will she decide that being partner is not all it's cracked up to be? Read the book and u will see! ;) Or if u really want to know, send me a comment.



Josette said...

Wow, it must be heaven working in a library! Are you a librarian or something?

I ordered this book from Reader's Shack and have yet to receive it. I hope it'll come soon! I haven't read this author before and I can't wait.

Good review on this book, though. I felt like I liked it already.

boo_licious said...

Kinsella's books are always such great feelgood stuff. Just read the Shopaholic and Baby one and Becky triumphs again in being a Yummy Mummy. Lucky you for working in a library - definitely my dream job.

foreverinteresting said...

Samantha sounds like The Nanny and not having a life will potray me!! here i am at work werk work!

Anu said...

Josette - Yes I am a librarian and it has it perks yes! :)Enjoy the book!

Boo_licious - I totally agree. Kinsella's books are a great read!
I enjoy being a librarian. What do u do?

Forever - Better get a social life soon or who knows u may end up like her..hehe, kidding.

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