8 Mar 2007


I got tagged by Anu and so now I have to list six points that make me a weirdo.

It was initially difficult to think of any, but as I thought of one, another one came up again and again. My sister was happy to help of course. Thanks Ameeta. :P

Ok, so here goes:

1. I don't like charging my phone when the battery is half or three quarters full.Instead I wait till the battery is almost gone, indicated when it is red in colour. And when I charge it then, I am extremely satisfied.

2. I bite into the seeds of mandarine oranges and don't throw them out. I like the combination of sweetness and nothingness in my mouth.

3. I like to take the dried up part of the glue. It happens when after u've used the glue for a while. That dried part that sticks to the underneath? I love taking it out. And when I get that piece of dried glue out, boy does that make me happy. Weird or what?

4. I don't like talking on the phone. Most girls can hang on the phone for hours and hours, but me 10 minutes is on average. My longest call so far is 22 minutes. I do use the phone of course, but just to make sure that plans are staying the same or to confirm what things I need to buy. When possible I will avoid using the phone.

5. I get panic atttacks when I do cover letters for job interviews. This happens when I've spend more than 5 hours in front of the PC, editing the letter in order to impress my potential employers. The last time it happened, I felt giddy and felt like I was going to faint!

6. I enjoy dressing in a t-shirt, pants and a skirt over the pants. I've had quite a few people look at me oddly. But I like the style. Lurve it!

I am tagging Ameeta,Sri, BawangMerah, Cathy ,Merlina - cos I think it's a crime that ur not blogging - u write so well! and Jaime (whose link will be coming up soon).

Till laterz,



Anonymous said...

You tagged me!!! And I don't have a blog- sweetie, I'm too busy reading other people's blogs to have a life to blog about :)

6 things that make me weird:
a) I hate shopping. And I'm a girl. So sue me
b) I crack myself up when I'm alone. As in, I'll have a funny thought, and then I'll start laughing and I can't stop
c) I keep an Excel list of books I want to read (which will obviously never get done)- I know, I'm compulsive, but I love Excel sheets
d) Speaking of which, I keep timesheets for myself- as in, how many minutes I work a day. Some days, I cheat and count even the minutes that I spend surfing the net/ taking long bathroom breaks than involve chatting en route
e) I get tipsy on one beer. Even lite beer
f) I can't watch movies quietly- I'm the annoying one who gasps loudly when something shocking happens, or is constantly saying "Yeah, right, that would never happen"

-merlina :)

Anonymous said...

Hey what's tagg la?

Anyway cool blog... i knew you were weird but did not know this weird :p

Cathy the criminal :)

BawangMerah said...

Meme done. You're right once the first one comes out, the rest just floods in.

On a side note, anon's idea of using excel sheet to keep track of books to read is quite interesting. But then I don't get along that well with Excel. I think it's something to do with all that grid and numbers. Hmm

Anucia said...

gosh merlina...excel really gets to me-no patience with it..respect! did it! :) take care girl.

jaime said...

Mine will be up soon : )

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