24 Mar 2007

Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

But perhaps not this Saturday night.

I've been at home since 5pm. And watched some tv, then I've been online since 6pm. And it's just passed midnight now. I haven't been online for this long since...mid 90's when I had a Pakistani cyberboyfriend in London! *LOL* Those were the days of sleeping late and waking up at 4am just to chat to him on MIRC. Times have changed. I now have to sleep by 11.30 or risk falling asleep on my desk at work the next day. Tonite being Saturday, I've gone the extra mile, I've going past 12 (I can hear u all say woohoo!) I've had a few chats tonite, one with an old friend, another with a new acquaintance so it's not too bad, it's been fun. However, I'd still prefer to be another Saturday night. A night that could possibly include an intimate dinner with someone special, followed by a stroll on the beach before heading home for sweet-spicy loving and snuggles. Someday I will be that Saturday night. Hopefully.


Shatia said...

Don't we all wish for such nights.... All the best on such a quest!

Anonymous said...


I know what you mean, but then again, you know what, I've kinda come to enjoy my quiet nights in (old age, old age). . .


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