1 Mar 2007

Fortune Cookie Rewritten

So today was an interesting day. When I woke up this morning and switched on my mobile, I got a sms from my friend who I offended a few days back. We will be meeting up for a celebratory movie/dinner (on me of course) on Saturday. One good step in the right direction alright. Work went well. I got my confirmation letter. :)
Then at 3.30pm we closed the library and went for the staff Chinese New Year celebration. The Lion dance was cool and then we had some yummy stuff to eat. They didn't have any taufu though - big boo. Also we got fortune cookies and mine said:

So yes, I changed it to want. "You will always have everything that you want" sounds much better than need. Haha! Let's just say I prefer to write my own destiny. ;)

And the best thing is...tomorrow is friday!


1 comment :

BawangMerah said...

It's always frustrating when what we want and need don't go hand in hand. Oh well :P

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