7 Mar 2007

Are the kids conspiring with the universe today?

EXT: 10.15am, walking down the school corridor with two 8 year old girls.

Girl A asked me "Do u have a child?"
My answer was the obvious - "No."
Her friend Girl B said "She's not married."
Girl A says "So get married!"
I laughed and said "I'll let u know when I do."
Girl B said "No, it's ok. We will know. When u have a ring on your finger, we know ur married."

Kids today!! Hehehe. So cute and so inqusitive!


Anonymous said...

I've had worse: I've been working with some kids since last Oct, and when I first started, one girl (she's abt 7) asked me if I was married, and I said no. And she said "why not" and I was like "hmm, I don't know, I never thought about it" and she came back with "Did nobody pick you?"

Oooooh, that stung. . .

In my defense, I immediately said "NO! I didn't pick anybody", cos I wanted to make sure she grew up thinking girls could be strong too ;)

And then I went home and whined to my housemate that nobody picked me. . .


Anu said...

Oh no, Can't imagine a 7 year old saying things like that! :P

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