13 Mar 2010

Melbourne Momentos

Aryan loves his cricket!

Aryan getting ready to bat.

Aryan posing with his drum. After I took the photo, he wanted to see it. What a cutie!

Tiger Taj doing his stretches. He is my cousins' dog.

Mumbai's Indian take-away is in Melbourne!

Just another day in St. Kilda beach.

I like this quote. As seen at a language centre in the city (where I studied Spanish, incidently).
Is he a statue or a man? U will find out if you give him some money. :P

One of the sights while I often saw while I was on the train.

The Nachos Emma ordered at Time Out at Federation Square. Yummy!

With one of the many lovely latte's I had.

Overlooking the Yarra River (yes, that's the river I wanted to jump into. :P)

Moi resting after a whole lot of walking.

Emma and her slurpy from McDonalds.

Emma and I.


Simple Cathy said...

very very nice.... i'm definately planning my trip there next year :)

sabrina said...

Aiyo the boy and the doggy are just adorable!!!

You were missed at the gathering by the way :(

Asha Letha said...

Welcome back! Looks like you had a wonderful time down under. Way to go!!! :P

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