17 Aug 2008

It Only Gets Better From Here...

I haven't blogged about this yet. And I've known about this for a while now. Somehow it felt right just swimming around in my own consciousness, heart and mind. But now, I can't keep it inside no more. I gotta say it.

I am starting my job as Sub-Editor tomorrow! Yay!

Well, for a month I will be learning the ropes, getting into the journalism groove and then, it's gonna be sub-editing all the way.

I am excited, oh yes. I've only wanted to do this since I was 17. Finally, I am in!

It's gonna be great!


Anonymous said...

May path leads you to
your dream and destiny

My best wishes to you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

This is just the beginning, may all your dreams come true. I am happy for you and just wanna sing "Somewhere over the rainbow"

Suresh Nair

Anucia said...

okay, i'm very very curious-is your new place in cyber by any chance?

sabrina said...

Congratulations girl!!! Good for you :p

Anu said...

Thank u guys! I am indeed happy. It's been one week and it's been crazy but very interesting...

And Anu, not working in Cyber, but in PJ. :)

Nalina said...

Wow..thats great! :) Congrats!!

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