30 Aug 2008


And there are times, like today, when I wish I could have a 'How I Met Your Mother' marathon; with someone to laugh with, someone I can cuddle with, someone special.


sabrina said...

I know this isn't the point of your post but i ust say that i have never watched that series!!! Is it any good?

One Women's Thoughts said...

All in due time my friend I'm sure.......

Nalina said...

Same :(

Anu said...

Sabby-I recommend u watch the series. It is hilarious! If u remember Neil Patrick Harris of Doogie Howser MD? He plays a very interesting playboy.

One-Thanks for that hope!

Nalina-Glad to have someone who understands.

darthvadai said...

Doogie Howser - Loved that series especially the ending

Neil Patrick Hariss as a playboy hmmm

Anucia said...

Trust me la babe..we all wish the same.
He might sit through half a season in the first coupla months of your relationship, but after that it's back to reruns of Die Hard or WWF or Supernatural.
So yeah, even if it happens, it's short lived.

sri said...

I will be there for you for most of them but I'm the wrong sex for some of the things...hehe.

I know this feeling only too well but there are bonus's too... being single, u know, having the remote to yourself, cook, eat, dance, parties and scratchin your bum, pickin ur nose, well alot of things really :)

love - Sri

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