3 Aug 2008

Could Mr. Wrong Actually Be Mr. Right?

When I was a teenager I had a mental picture of my very own Prince Charming. In my mind, he would be a tall, dark handsome guy who had a smile that would melt a matron's heart and eyes that would radiate kindness. He'd have a good, stable job, enjoy going out occasionally and would love to buy me presents a couple of times a year. I was even keeping fingers crossed that he'd turn out to be romantic!

But what happens when u are all grown up, doing what adults do and u come across one person, who stands out from the hundreds of people you meet?

Someone who shows u whole new world of the same ol' world. Someone who makes the passing of each day worth it. Someone who doesn't fit the image of your ol' Prince Charming and yet somehow makes life colourful, makes u feel alive.

What do u do? Listen to your heart or your mind? Or just let the tide take u where u are supposed to go?


Anonymous said...

The Question needs to be adressed from a mathematical perspective and would involve complex equations & calculas. The answer is tougher than E=MC2. Whoever finds a solution to your predicament will receive the Noble prize.
Take care, the knight in shining armour is somewhere out there.
Regards, Suresh Nair

sabrina said...

Aiks i don't know if anyone has found an answer to this question yet!

But i would recommend always listening to your mind. The heart tends to screw you over quite often, so i'd definitely go with the mind ;P

sri said...

i would have to admit i struggle with this exact question on a daily basis. i think when it comes down to between your heart or mind... i guess you have to decide what will benefit u more... bcuz even though it might sound selfish, you are what should matter most in your life.

Anu said...

Thanks for the interesting choice of comments for this post. It is indeed a difficult question to answer. I shall keep all suggestions in mind as I try to decipher what's going on in my head and heart.

Nalina said...

If I had only listened to my head more....i would have cut all my losses into half....heartaches and breaks....I still have a picture of prince charming somewhere in my head though...

darthvadai said...

Glass half full glass half empty

Life always throws an odd screwball your way once a while, thats whats makes it so yummy, crazy and mind boggling

For me, its the heart, go go go, the rest is all the tide, you mind can later pacify ur heart or say I told you so!!!

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