7 Sep 2008

Margarita Dreamin'

7pm and the sunday blues sets in. Work starts again tomorrow. Wish I could be on a permanent holiday. Well that's not entirely true. I do enjoy working. I like seeing my name and my story in print. It is extremely cool that a journalist can actually make a change in someone's life, like I did.

Still, I wish I had the opportunity to take a holiday whenever I want to.To sit by the beach, sipping a margarita, reading a good book while listening to the waves hitting the sand. Maybe someday I'll get that chance, to work and take breaks whenever I want. To do what ever I want. If only I could be that lucky.

Any single sexy millionaires reading my blog right now? Send me a message. Haha.

One can only hope, and I can keep on dreamin'. I shall keep on workin'!

And who knows one day my dreams could come true.


sabrina said...

Can i ask what mag or paper you write for dear? Reason being that, like you, i love spotting my friends names in print...i get all over the top excited about it! :p

Anu said...

Hey Sabby,

I am a journalist at the Malay Mail. If u come across articles by Anu Venugopal, that would be me. :)

One Women's Thoughts said...


i think the magarita dreamin became a reality the weekend :p

sabrina said...

Oh shit really??!!!! So cool!!! I read the Malay Mail almost everyday!!!

Will go check now :p

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