27 Feb 2007

Drama Minggu Ini...

fits very well with what's been happening to me this week!(And it's only Tuesday!)

So a good guy friend of mine found out yesterday that I had deceived him. I said that I was going out with colleagues, but instead I went out with a guy. Why did I lie? Cos' if I told him the truth, he'd be upset. And I was right. He was upset. I had good intentions. My deceiving was just not good enough. Now it's going to take time to heal his wounded heart.

(Note to self: Next time u decide to tell a white lie, make sure it works!)

Also yesterday another good friend of mine pretty much told me that he'd like to marry me. I told him the truth. I think that he is a fantastic guy, but I don't feel for him in that 'special' way. I know it's difficult to hear (God knows how many times I've had that said to me!) but I had to tell him how I felt. He deserves someone who loves him with all mind, heart and soul. I hope time will send him that person and give him all the happiness he deserves.

Here's hoping there is no more drama for me, this week!



Anucia said...

That gotta hurt..

darthvadai said...

Wah already tuesday and drama ready. An interesting read

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