9 Feb 2007

That buzzy feeling...

I am back from the office party. It was quite a short event, about 1 and half hours long. I had a couple of glasses of white wine. That's probably the reason why I feel a warm buzz in my head. Haha. I suppose I could have been more ming-ly, more sociable but I fell into that trap of comfort, once I sat with a few other colleagues, there was no other place to go. I said hi to a few people, said my how are u's...and people were already into their drinks...some were red!

And now with buzz and all, I wish I had someone special to go out with tonite. Hmm, it must be the alcohol in the system talking. I know that if it's meant to happen it will, I do. But ooooof, to be able to hug someone special tonite would have been really nice.

Tomorrow though I am going out with a good friend, planning to go on the Eye on Malaysia and see how that is like! Really looking forward to it...should be fun.

The biggest buzz of all was when 5 year old Yutaro said that I looked "very beautiful today". Kids - aren't they the best?

Have a good weekend and find ur buzz!


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