3 Feb 2007

Back to the board Anu!

So the parental units are back. I got a few things. I am happy. I went to the gym earlier, had an hour and a half workout. Pretty long, I know. U would do the same, if u had read that the cookie that u love so much and have been having quite a few of late had lard in it. LARD, yes! *LOL* So much for my quest to lose weight! Back to the drawing board for me! And next time I am gonna check what's in it, before I eat anything.

By the way, my mother has not mentioned anything about the hair. I know she has seen it as I saw her eyes take in my hair when I said opposite her at dinner time. Haha! Maybe she has decided it's not that bad after all. Maybe she thinks it actually looks quite good on me. (But can't say anything about it!)

And yes, I am going to the gym tomorrow too!


1 comment :

Ameeta said...

You and your LARD! Chill man, chill! It only means sacrificing 100 hours at the gym what! Hehe..:P

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