14 Feb 2007

Reflections on Valentine's.

The day went on well, with only a few reminders of that it was Valentine's Day! Amy gave me this real yummy box of mints and the student council played dedications during lunch time at the cafeteria. And for a moment, I got a little (just a tad!) teary about a song. I can't remember the title of the song right now. Ah, the perils of the getting older. (But that's another story for another post).

Valentine's Day has been a day of reflections. I remembered my previous Valentines' and being single all the way, I used to feel sad and alone. This year it's different.I don't feel like I am missing out on anything. In fact I feel pretty neutral about the whole thing. When people asked me if I had a date tonite, I said no, and didn't feel any sort of discontentment in my heart. That makes me wonder if I am finally (yes finally is the keyword here) getting used to being on my own. Perhaps so! Still, it's not that I live on my own, I have family with me and around me, so I am on my own, and yet not.

Also I am remembering a certain guy I used to like a couple of years back. Oh what drama we had experienced! I told him how I felt and he told me he wasn't interested. We had an argument and then lost in touch for a while. Then a year and a half later he emailed me and our friendship resumed. And when I was in Melbourne, especially after my breakup with Dino, I got close to him again. We always had fun, we argued, we laughed, it was an interesting friendship. So interesting that I wondered if perhaps he may have changed his mind about me. No longer interested in playing games,I asked him about his feelings, and he had nothing to say. Absolutely nothing. So then I decided that that was it, I had give him his chance, and he had given his answer. I have not looked back since. So why is it that I have been reminded about him as I watch tv all this week? Tsk tsk, I shall blame it on the St Valentine's and carry on.

For all those single-tons this year, Happy Single Awareness Day. So u may not have a partner, or a date, but trust me, u are certainly loved, one way or another.

Lotsa luv,


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Anucia said...

Men are the strangest creatures. Only the good Lord knows what they want.

I'm going to link you okay.

Valentine's day is stupid anyway..

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