20 Feb 2007

I am Shaggy and I am loved!

(This is me being sad after being sentenced to the outside after I was naughty.)

Hello, my name is Shaggy Fernandez-Nair. I am 5 years old and I am boy doggie of the King Charles Spaniel community. I live in Klang with my owner, a sweet grandmother of 12 grandkids. In case u are wondering about the Fernandez-Nair bit, let me clear it up for u. Well, when I was born, I was adopted by the Fernandez family but after 3 years they had to give me up. That was when I moved to the Nair family in Klang. At first I was very sad, but soon I realised that my new family loved me as much as the old and now I am very happy.

U wanna know more about me? Sure! In my free time I like to play with my tennis ball, look out the window for my extended family and u guessed it eat,eat and eat.In fact, my no 1 favourite hobby is to persuade the family to give me yummy bites of whatever they are eating! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

(In my favourite spot!)

Just the other day over the Chinese New Year holidays, my owner and I went to stay at her daughter's house. I love to go there because everyone loves me there. I still remember the days when the daughter's husband used to play hockey with me - what fun! And the two children - (well, they are big children, but children nonetheless) they love taking me for walks in the evening. Just 2 days ago, they took me on this long walk. I wanted to go home, but they made me walk longer! Ah well, I know they want the best for me. I heard them say that I am getting too fat. Well, I don't think I am fat; just a little big boned.

In fact, I am trying to work out more myself. The other day I did more than my usual work out together with the big kid of the house. She went to the fridge and I followed (you never know when something from the fridge is for u!) and took out a piece of chocolate. I wagged my tail in excitement, ready to adore her with all my heart after she gives me a piece of it. But no, she took a bite of it herself and ran away. I didn't give up, I followed her. I even jumped up,many times, trying to get a piece of it for myself. Unfortunately I didn't get even a crumb of that chocolate.

Oh well, there is plenty from where that came from. ;) Pssst, I know where they keep their goodies, so if u want some, let my nose lead u!


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