25 Feb 2007

The New Lovers

The sun is high and the crowd is gathering,
At a rundown bus stop she waits for a familiar face.

Her heart pounding, her fingers run on the curve of her bag,
her thoughts suspended on what happens next.

He appears out of the blue, a reassuring smile on his face.
Her hand in his, her heart finds tranquility it needs.

In the bus she watches the familiar roads disappear,
And wonders about what roads lay ahead for her.

He soothes her nerves with mindless chatter,
She acknowledges his care with a touch so tender.

When at last their destination arrives,
He takes the lead and she puts her trust, completely in him.

And in the solitude of the room,
They put their bags and old lives in the empty cupboard that day.

At long last alone and free,
They set foot on a journey of countless discoveries.

A shower of kisses ignites the fire,
There’s no stopping now, passion soaring higher.

Clothes come undone, bodies entwined,
The new lovers unite over a sea of blankets.

What happens next nobody yet knows,
Only time will tell where this story will go.

Anu Venugopal

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