8 Feb 2007

Party time!

So tomorrow's the big social event at MKIS. The entire staff at the school will be attending a party at a place close to the school after 4pm. I must admit, I am quite excited about it. The thought of being able to leave work at 4pm instead of 4.45 is one motivator. Then there's the free flow of wine - hard to resist, that one. And yes, of course, it will be a good opportunity to mingle and get to know colleagues from various departments. :)

All is good at work. I am very busy everyday. Time goes by so fast. Days fly by. Before you know it, it is already Friday. The only thing I am concerned about is I will be able to go to Oz as I plan to in April. *Keeping fingers crossed that everything will turn out alright.*

Shall blog about the big party tomorrow. Until then!


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