12 Feb 2007

Bits n Pieces

Saturday night was nice. Went to Taman Titiwangsa with friend Kas and Guna. Didn't go on the rides but saw the fireworks, which I must admit was pretty good. And I am not one who has much patience for fireworks; or rather I have a limited attention span when watching fireworks. Usually it's about 5 minutes; but this time it went up to 20 minutes. The lake looked beatiful (check it out here, taken on my Sony Ericsson -not bad eh?)

Today was an eventful day, to say the least. Things went on as per normal at work until about 2.45pm. Then a 5 year old had an 'accident' (no 1 ok not no 2) and I had to take him to the toilet. My first reaction was - I am not equipped with skills to do this! But I was wrong, I handled it well. He was feeling a little embarresed, but I told him it was ok, and no, he wasn't going to get into trouble in class. Cute!

I also got my ticket to Oz in April. Now it's the final stage - leave approval.*Keeping fingers crossed for that*.

And I found out that I lost 2.5 kgs, a good start to my 10 kgs target. Woo hoo!

An eventful day indeed.



BawangMerah said...

They have fireworks there every night, or was it a special occasion? Haven't been to the eye yet :P

Probably unrelated to the post, but only now I realized the picture at the side has a woman with red hair. Always thought it was a tree with butterflies flying around it heh.

Anu said...

They are having fireworks every Saturday for the whole year, u know for Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Nice!

And I can understand why u thought the pic was a tree, it has that look. I wasn't sure what it was the first time I looked at it!

That woman is me now since I have red highlights. :)

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