13 Jun 2008

The return of the Diet!

Diets. U gotta love em. Or hate them. Me, I've always hated them.

I've tried a couple. The only-drink-this-soychoco-shake-for-all- meals diet. That cabbage soup diet thingy. The Herbal life thingy. After the initial high of losing weight, things go back to normal, so too the pounds.

So why have I embarked on a brand spanking new diet I hear u ask ?

Well, I am tired of thinking that I can't go without rice for 2 days. I I want to prove to everyone and even more myself, that I can be disciplined. That I can resist temptation. That I can stick to a program. That I'm no giver up-er. That's right. I've taken on the 14 day No Carbs, No Sugar, No Fun Diet!

Day 5 proved to be quite historical. I've lost 2 kgs. AND...even bigger than that...I managed to resist every piece of curry puff, pisang goreng, spring roll, doughnut and chocolate cake at the party at work today. Damn good job if I have to say so myself. That is a BIG achievement.

So what happens after Day 14? I will have meat, eggs, and oh yes, vege and fruit. But I will make an effort to cut down as much carbs as I can.

And this time...I will make it! HAAAAA!


Anucia said...

Oh babe, how inspiring!

2 kilos? that's great!
Wish i could get to Day 5. Knowing me, I'll just crumble at mid day 2.

I was just reading this blog post below) on a diet program and was wondering if I should pursue it. ok wait. If I CAN pursue it, would be more correct :)

Good luck babe! :)

Anucia said...

question, do you get to have kapi (coffee) or milo or caya?

Anu said...

Hey Anu,

Only Decaf Tea/Kapi allowed. Green tea is fine though! Sugarless soya is another option. :)

Good luck to u!

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