12 Jul 2008

Is it the Law of Attraction or Coincidence?

I've been experimenting lately, mostly with thoughts. Expanding my horizons, so to speak.

The Law of Attraction has been on mind. You know, it's that law that says you attract into your life whatever you think? They say your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. Not so hard to believe right?

I've been actively visualising what I want, what I really really want in life. I close my eyes and see it, feel it, bask in the warmth of it.

And suddenly things happen, moving me closer to that dream. I can't help but wonder if the Law of Attraction that's working its magic or is it merely a coincidence?

The answer is elusive for now. I can only exploit the opportunity that the Universe has given me, fully and wholeheartedly. Let's see which road this encounter leads me to...

Wish me luck!


sabrina said...

Best of luck dear.

Definitely seems like a great thing or concept to adopt. Just wish i didn't have soo many thoughts in my head....they seem to be fighting with each other and making it hard for me to actually focus on one dominant thought!

P/S: I just love the artsy pictures you have on oyur blog. In fact your whole blog has a very serene aura to it :p

Anonymous said...

hey buds...

If you were successful do call me or text me at my india number.. else do not worry... jus think that they aint prepared / deserve to take someone as talented as u...

god bless you

Jagdish Nair

Nalina said...

Let the thoughts flow...:)

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