1 Aug 2010

Quickie No 4

Although these few weeks have been quite busy for me, it has also been quite rewarding.

Work as always keeps me busy. I'm on my no-carbs plus a little cheating diet, once again. I'm going for morning jogs. (Ok, so it's more like a fast walk rather than a jog). I'm cutting down my intake of coffee and alcohol. I'm having lots and lots of green tea.

I've never been in a better state of mind (or heart). I am no longer trying to get over a guy. I'm thisclose to being completely over him. I am happy to be single, to mingle and see what the stars have in store for me. I don't know what other people think (and frankly I don't really care) but I've never felt sexier. ;) And my pimples have disappeared (touch wood).

I'm happy for my friends and family who have good news in their life. Rena, if you are reading this, congrats! :) Once again I feel like I've gone up one level.

Of course not everything is peachy. That's not how life works, unfortunately. I'm checking out opportunties in the job front, both local and overseas.See what comes up. And start working on my Europe plan next year. Overall, exciting times ahead...


sabrina said...

Good to hear that babe. Sometimes u cant help but wonder why God is such a sadistic SOB but i know all these things happen so that we'll grow...although sometimes i cant help but feel that i'd be happier just remaining stunted :p

sri said...

good for you :) u go gal!

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