8 Oct 2011

Maid of Honour on an Adventure

After months of anticipation, finally my cousin Rena got her big fat Malaysian wedding today.

As Maid of Honour, I had the privilege of helping her get last minute preparations done and sort of the finer details at her wedding/reception. Interestingly enough, her wedding has taught me that I do like attending and being a part of weddings, as long as the people involved are close to my heart. And Rena, being one year younger than I am and who was my confidante and partner in crime as a child, is indeed very close to my heart. I wish her and her new husband Paul every bit of happiness together.

Now it's time for me to have my adventure - a little Spanish affair. Wish me luck, keep me in your thoughts (and prayers). Universe, let's have a good time, you and me. Drink a little wine, learn a little Spanish, see some sights and make a few friends, have a few new experiences...I know you want to!

Until I blog again...adios y hasta luego. (Bye and see you later).


sabrina said...

When can we see the pictures??!!!!

Welcome back by the way :)

Anu said...

Thanks Saby! Happy to be back actually. :)

As much as I would like putting up a picture of my maid of honour adventure, I don't like the photos of me I've seen so far. If I do find one that I like I will put them up. :)

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